Legal entity enterprises

Legal entities

Your company may be a private or a public limited company. It may consist of just one legal entity, or several. If you do not own all the shares, there may be participating interests. In order for the company to do business, there will be at least one person on the payroll. The company’s profits are subject to corporation tax.

Broad range of services

Wolfsbergen Van Haarlem makes sure your financial statements are drawn up correctly and that tax returns are submitted accurately and on time. These are routine matters. Where Wolfsbergen Van Haarlem truly excels is as a professional liaison with the tax authorities if, for instance, they decide to inspect your books. Another source of added value is the advice we give on refinancing or the acquisition or sale of business lines. Issuing audit opinions and gathering management information are other important aspects of our multifaceted services for business owners.

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