Foundations and associations

Foundations and associations

Foundations and associations do not have direct owners and shareholders; thus they operate independently. They are run by a board and can employ people on their payroll to undertake tasks. Foundations and associations are very well suited to charitable purposes or carrying out tasks or certain aspects of tasks, over which a business owner is not allowed to exert any influence. In principle, foundations and associations do not pay tax, but if they make a structural profit or are competing with taxpaying bodies, they are assessed for corporate tax.

Broad range of services

Wolfsbergen Van Haarlem can help you prepare a clear and transparent report for anyone who has an interest in your foundation or association. We can also undertake audits culminating in an audit opinion or review report of your financial statements, or review subsidy applications, among other services.

We keep a close eye on your tax liabilities: we draw up your financial statements and ensure your tax returns are completed accurately and on time. And we keep check on whether you owe taxes such as VAT.

In short, we help you apply complex tax rules and keep you abreast of the latest developments in this field, as well as acting as a professional liaison on your behalf with the tax authorities if, for instance, they decide to inspect your books.

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