Directors with principal shareholdings

Directors with principal shareholdings

Your style of business ownership is typified by the fact that you hold a large portion of the shares in a business, either a private or a public limited company. You are part of the company (one of the employees or the only employee). The entire business may involve just one or several legal entities. If you do not own all the shares, there may still be participating interests. The company’s profits are subject to corporation tax.

Broad range of services

Wolfsbergen Van Haarlem makes sure that the company’s financial statements are drawn up correctly and that tax returns are submitted accurately and on time. There are other important issues at stake for a director with a principal shareholding: how can the company’s profits be transferred into his or her personal assets in the most tax-efficient way? What is the status of your retirement provision?

We also advise on matters such as marriage, divorce and death and the transfer of the company to, for instance, children. You can also rely on Wolfsbergen Van Haarlem to provide management information derived from your records, for assistance with financing matters, and support with audits. And naturally, we will also act as a professional liaison with the tax authorities on your behalf.

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