Tax Advisors

Tax advisors steer a savvy course

Sound, creative and sophisticated tax advice, and wherever possible, sailing close to the wind but never losing sight of reality, Wolfsbergen Van Haarlem explores every avenue yet is always resolutely practical. It goes without saying that you want to avoid taking irresponsible risks and running into problems with the authorities. We offer a made-to-measure service, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Tax laws and rules are constantly changing. Drawing on our up-to-the-minute professional knowledge, we actively respond to those changes. We assess the impact of opportunities and threats from the tax realm on your individual situation and always use clear and straightforward language, because the subject matter itself is complex enough. We also handle the practical side of things, ensuring that you meet your tax obligations on time. Through our teaching roles at various institutions, we keep our students and ourselves mentally sharp.

Tax advisory services

  1. Corporate tax returns
  2. Optimising fiscal remuneration structures
  3. Overseeing restructurings, mergers, splits and takeover
  4. Due diligence
  5. Changes to company structure
  6. Establishing forms of cooperation
  7. Converting a sole proprietorship into a (limited) company
  8. Pension and retirement provision
  9. Change of registered office
  10. VAT and transfer taxes
  11. Tax advice on the acquisition and sale of real estate
  12. Income tax returns
  13. Optimising income in the various income tax return boxes
  14. Income and wealth planning in connection with inheritance and gift taxes
  15. Tax advice on pre- and postnuptial agreements and wills
  16. Tax advice in divorce cases
  17. Advice on fiscal domicile
  18. Tax advice on investment strategies

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