The enterprising accountants

The service provided by our accountants is tailored specifically to your situation. Taking a flexible and no-frills approach, we look beyond the confines of our own profession. What you don’t need is an armchair scholar. What you do need is a hands-on professional!
With an entrepreneurial mind-set, we take business management aspects into account in the advice that we give. Taking a critical helicopter view, we provide strategic advice on short and long-term planning, financing, subsidies, and other items that are of great benefit to business owners.
We also provide practical follow-up: handling or advising on financial administration, satisfying the legal requirements of financial statements and fulfilling tax obligations such as VAT returns. We can also advise you on setting up your financial administration system in order for it to provide a sound basis for the necessary information needed to manage your business and make timely adjustments.

Accounting services

  1. Handling or advising on financial administration
  2. Interim administrative management/administrative support
  3. Completing VAT returns
  4. Handling payroll and payroll tax returns
  5. Compiling annual financial statements
  6. Drawing up documents for filing with the Chamber of Commerce
  7. Advice on administrative systems
  8. Assistance with setting up financial administration and internal control
  9. Assistance with and the implementation of management reports
  10. Business valuations
  11. Financing advice
  12. Overseeing restructurings, mergers, splits and takeovers
  13. Converting a sole proprietorship into a (limited) company

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