Our Disciplines

The enterprising accountants

The service provided by our accountants is tailored specifically to your situation. Taking a flexible and no-frills approach, we look beyond the confines of our own profession. What you do not need is an armchair scholar. What you do need is a hands-on professional. Because Wolfsbergen Van Haarlem was originally a tax consultancy, we have the in-depth knowledge to also incorporate all tax aspects in our accountancy services.

Tax advisors steer a savvy course

Sound, creative and sophisticated tax advice, and whenever possible, sailing close to the wind while maintaining a firm grasp on reality, Wolfsbergen Van Haarlem explores every avenue yet never loses sight of the practicalities. We offer personal, made-to-measure advice, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Assurance - for maximum security

In the field of assurance, Wolfsbergen Van Haarlem offers services for which you would normally be reliant on through the larger firms. We hold an AFM licence to issue audit opinions on the financial statements of unlisted companies that are subject to statutory audit requirements. Even if you are under no legal obligation but prefer to be on the safe side, we can audit annual accounts and other financial documents.

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